Katzenwaffe Creative Studio

Martela PodLounge

PodLounge is a hybrid furniture that complements our other Pod units and challenges common perception about what a lounge seat can be: Is it a sofa? A screen wall, or a room? In fact, PodLounge can be all three things at the same time!

PodLounge can be used both as a solitary and in a group of many and the modules can be connected and disconnected when need changes. PodLounge can be furnished and configured in a wide variety of ways which makes it very useful in offices, schools and other environments. It's suitable for focused work or relaxation, as well as for meetings with colleagues or an undisturbed phone call.

Each module consists of a generous upholstered seat for two people and is available with a fixed screen in 3 different versions at two optional heights to allow visual privacy and room-like formations with high screens or more transparent and airy sofa landscapes with low screens.

All images are produced by Katzenwaffe and are 100% computer generated. Animation co-produced with o4i. All music produced by Katzenwaffe