Katzenwaffe Creative Studio


Katzenwaffe is a design- and emotion driven creative studio passionate about visualizing your ideas. A creative partner producing visual and audial content


Katzenwaffe Creative Studio is a multi dicipline studio driven by the very ambition of always delivering high end content, making difference in the results for the client.
To make sure I always deliver my best, I also surround me with the very best – giving me the proper capacity to work with demanding clients and challenging projects. The network consist of very talented people in photography, animation, music, copywriting and other 3D artists.
Katzenwaffe produces photorealistic 3D-visualizations, visual identities, branding, creative retouch, concept artwork, sound identities, music, motion design, photography, web design and sound branding.

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Katzenwaffe Creative Studio | Tel: +46 703 13 76 26 | martin[at]katzenwaffe.se
von Essens väg 25, 522 33 Tidaholm, Sweden.